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Doctors’ Appraisal Services

Telephone 0203 6330150

My name is Dr Mark Golder and I am a trusted Senior Independent Medical Appraiser and UK trained Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon. I provide Doctors’ Appraisal Services.

I am an independent Medical Appraiser who conducts appraisals for all types of doctors, irrespective of their background, grade or specialty.

I have up to date knowledge on the requirements for GMC Appraisals and Revalidation.

I can undertake your appraisal by Skype, if you are currently outside the UK or if you are otherwise unable to meet with me face to face.

As an independent Medical Appraiser, my aim is to ensure that your appraisal is a supportive, positive and rewarding experience and I shall help you get through Revalidation with ease.

As an Independent Medical Appraiser, I provide Doctors’ Appraisal Services for both permanent and locum doctors working in the NHS and private sectors. My Doctor’s Appraisal Services have a high success rate of helping doctors through revalidation at the first attempt.

I also have experience of appraising doctors who have been referred to the GMC.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a designated body or even if you do not have a designated body.

If you do not have a designated body, I can help you with the paper work that the GMC, General Medical Council UK, requires.

I meet all the GMC requirements as an appraiser for doctors without a designated body:

• be registered and licensed with the GMC and able to provide evidence that they meet all criteria
• have a prescribed connection to a designated body (or have identified a suitable person approved by the GMC) and be participating in revalidation themselves
• have up to date training in the knowledge and skills required to carry out medical appraisals for revalidation in the UK
• understand the context, scope and nature of work you undertake
• have recent experience of UK practice, or of appraising medical practice in the UK
• understand the professional obligations placed on doctors by our core guidance, Good medical practice
• have procedures for referring doctors to us if they have concerns about the doctor’s fitness to practise.

My fees are:

£350 – £500 per appraisal, depending on the complexity of the supporting information you provide.

My fee is to cover: me helping you with your appraisal preparation, my own preparation for your appraisal, me conducting the appraisal and me completing the necessary post appraisal documentation.

I complete the GMC REV 12 form, free of charge, if you do not have a designated body.

I can arrange both face to face and Skype appraisals.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My telephone number is 0203 6330150


Mr Mark Golder MB BChir [Cambridge], PhD, FRCS [Gen], FRCS [Eng].

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